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Phonics and Reading Schemes


Currently at St. Elphin’s  we use Letters and Sounds in the delivery of phonics. However, during the Autumn term 2021, we are working with the English Hub to audit our current practice and we are looking to change to a new scheme which will continue to ensure we deliver phonics teaching for all our pupils at the hightest standard. 

For further information on phoneme pronunciation, please visit the following link: Phoneme pronunciation

Reading scheme

At St. Elphin’s we teach reading through a mixture of whole class, small group and individual reading opportunities. We use a range of books, covering different genres. This ensures that we have depth and breadth within each level. The reading schemes we use in school include Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Star and Big Cat. The early reading books are organised into phonic phases. Later reading books are organized into Book Band levels.

The reading progression documents for Y3-Y6 are under review. Please come back soon for an update.

Writing Progression and Assessment

At St Elphin’s Primary School, we use writing from across the curriculum to assess where children are working at in writing. As a picture of the child as a writer is gradually built up across the year, gaps in learning can clearly be seen and most importantly they can be addressed. Key Performance Indicators are used to show the key features expected in a child’s writing according to their year group. Teachers use the document from their current year group as well as ensure that they are clear as to what has been taught previously so that all learning is constantly reinforced and re-taught. This will enable us to ensure that children reach the end of Y6 with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve age related expectations.

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