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Welcome to our Early Years Page

Here you will find everything you need to know about our Nursery and Reception offer. The two year groups together form our Early Years Provision. 

We currently have flexible hours and 30 hour placements available in nursery and spaces in our reception classes too. If you would like further information, please contact the school office on 01925 635143 - option 3 

We are reading ...

Our topic for this half term is 'brr… it's cold outside!'

The children have finished reading 'Snowball'  and will now be reading the story 'The Storm Whale in Winter' by Benji Davies.

They will have the opportunity to retell the story through: story maps; talk for writing; role play activities, writing activities and music. 

The children will be given the opportunity to discuss the contrasting natural environments and the changing of seasons in the story. Using the world map, they will be looking at locations of cold countries and will be researching animals found in these polar regions. The children will take part in a blubber experiment to find out how polar animals survive in such freezing weather conditions. Finally, they will be using junk modelling materials to create their own boat from the story; exploring the best materials to use and looking at ways to make their boat float on water!

9781471119989Snowball by Sue Hendra

Art Week in EYFS

This week in EYFS the children have been taking part in Arts Week. Our theme this year is 'The Year we muddled through'.

Nursery children have been looking at the artist Antony Gormley and have explored 3D modeling and sculpture. They have been creating and decorating papier-mache pots and pans and have enjoyed doing some printing with the kitchen utensils; reminiscent of doorstep applause.

Reception children have been looking at the artist Frida Kahlo; Frida had a mirror hung above her bed when she was very poorly so that she could continue to paint self-portraits! The children created their own self-portraits as well as a frame, using embellishments to enhance it. The frames will be used to display their portraits.

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Please have a look at our Nursery and Reception welcome booklets below:

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