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Y6 attending at the sports hall Athletics competition at Lyme High School

afPE Award 

This year, the school celebrated its success at achieving the afPE Quality Mark award that runs for 3 years. This is a prestigious award and a powerful way of celebrating success. The afPE Quality Mark has recognised, through a succinct self review and evaluation process, the strength and quality of physical education and sport in our school. It has raised the profile of the subject and the school both locally and nationally and has promoted the high quality work that has been(and continues to be) undertaken on a day to day basis. 

High quality physical education and sport make a difference to the learning and experiences of children and young people, both within the subject and more widely across the curriculum. St Elphin's will endeavour to keep up the high standards that this award required and will be applying for the next award in 3 years.

Look out for the afPE logo on the bottom of our home page!


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